About Advait Group

About Advait Group

Advait Consultants :

Advait Consultants is core part of Advait Group which designs and implements strategies for other group companies as well as few select clients.

This group is having expertise in planning and execution of strategies for Project Management, Business Process Mapping, Technical Understanding, Process setup and improvement, Risk Management, Team Management, Multitasking, Sales and Marketing, Relationship Management, Pre-Sales Activities, Event Management, Dealer Network Management, Media Planning, Vendor Management

For more details, please visit www.advaitconsultants.com

Advait Translations :

Advait Translations is our initiative to exchange the philosophy, culture and values and use language as medium to reach larger audience.

Apart from above initiative, we help our select clients to present their product and services using Brochures, Booklets and Catalogues etc.

We use our expertise to understand client’s business and express their requirement in another language effectively.

Advait Publications :

This is very interesting initiative to express the Hindu Philosophy in unique way and present our Spiritual Treasure to large section of people for better understanding as well as to Scholars for detailed study and analysis.

We have projects on Geeta, Dnyaneshwari, Tukaram Gatha, Dasbodh etc in Book as well as in Interactive eBook Format.