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Spiritual Traditions and Maharashtra Region:

Maharashtra state from India is such a blessed region that no other region in the world has seen such a rich lineage of different spiritual traditions. The saints from Maharashtra not only experienced the bliss but the expression of that bliss is captured by the near and dear one of them in the form of verses in native Marathi language. It is preserved in the form of literature from generations to generations and it is showing light to spiritual seekers and guiding them to get enlightened.

Language of Expression:

The poetic expression of these saints is captured in Marathi language and there is difficulty in translating these expressions from Marathi to English or any other commonly speaking language in the world as there are no proper matching words to express the exact meaning of these words. The same problem comes whenever the Eastern Philosophies are translated in Western Languages.

Spiritual Projects

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Aaisi Nanavarne Rupadi

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